Reducing Carbon Emissions, Bumoon Cooperates with SolarKita

To develop the company’s strategic plan to “green” the country, Bumoon collaborated with SolarKita. The cooperation between the two is related to the use of solar panels as an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Bumoon CEO Triyansyah Putra or Ryan said the collaboration between Bumoon and SolarKita can increase the added value of reduced carbon from the use of solar panels. He also said that the developments made from this collaboration will strengthen SolarKita’s EaaS (Energy as a Service) business model.

“With the entry of Bumoon into this business model, it is hoped that it will increase the economic value of the solar panel business. Moreover, by verifying the reduced carbon unit, it can provide benefits for stakeholders, namely customers, companies, and the government,” said Ryan.

In line with Ryan, CEO of SolarKita Amarangga Lubis said that the collaboration with Bumoon would be mutually beneficial for both parties. This is because, said Amarangga, SolarKita, and Bumoon have the same commitment to environmental sustainability and are in line with SolarKita’s business diversification going forward.

“So far, we (SolarKita) continue to look for partners to optimize the potential of solar panels, especially in processing carbon emission reductions. So, together with Bumoon, we believe we can smooth out the vision of environmental sustainability, in addition to the business aspects that are beneficial for both parties,” he said.

As is known, Bumoon is a social enterprise startup based on the use of blockchain technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Meanwhile, SolarKita is a Solar Energy Solution provider company that focuses on the residential sector.









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